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  • "Visa's financial education initiatives are characterized by their innovation, which has helped turn a significant number of people onto this topic."

    National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Financial Services Users
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Disputing a credit card charge? Graduating? Leasing a car? Learn important tips from our weekly article series.
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Podcast Center Download the latest podcasts from, including Practical Money Matters radio episodes and overviews of key financial literacy topics.

Practical Money Matters Radio Series

Tips to Keep Your Teenager's Prom Spending in Check (Listen Now) (iTunes)

5 Ways to Avoid Post-Disaster Scam Artists (Listen Now) (iTunes)

Protect Yourself Against Rogue Callers (Listen Now) (iTunes)

Take Tax Deadlines Seriously (Listen Now) (iTunes)

Tips to Protect Yourself Against Tax Refund Identity Fraud (Listen Now) (iTunes)

What Women Need to Know About Retirement

Audio Podcasts (Listen Now) (itunes)

Practical Money Skills for Life News and Updates

Debit Card Use (1.1 MB MP3 File)

Debit Card Holds (1.2 MB MP3 File)

The Importance of Good Credit for College Students (947 KB MP3 File)

Marriage Podcast - Wedding Spending (987 KB MP3 File)

Travel Calculator (938 KB MP3 File)

Allowance Calculators (935 KB MP3 File)

Holiday Spending (904 KB MP3 File)

Flexible Spending Account Tips (931 KB MP3 File)

How does your relationship with money help you manage it today and in the future? (1.2 MB MP3 File)

Visa & NFL Launch 17 City Financial Literacy Campaign with Financial Football (1.0 MB MP3 File)

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